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Guitar Picks
WOOD FINGERED PICK IT’S GREAT ON ACOUSTIC GUITAR Increases Loudness & Mid Low Frequencies – Songwriter Sound
€9,69 BUY NOW Furious Drummer CALIFORNIA SAND Single ply, 7 mil, white coated, gently pre-dampened with a focused built in damping system.. €247,49 BUY NOW Diamond Percussion WAMBOOKA DIAMOND Wambooka Diamond, Solid Shell. Italian design and traditional style. €18,49 BUY NOW SOMBRERO
Misure 13, 14 e 16 0.14MM – Instant fat sound on every snare and floor tom


Five Senses Flat – 5 Nativo Guitar Picks in a Luxury Box

The most wanted gift from guitar players. One pick in Natural Coconut One pick in Dark Wood One pick in Animal White Bone One pick in Animal Transparent Horn One pick in Animal Black Horn

Nativo Picks Rare Stones – Amazonite

Wambooka Rare Stones fingered pick, Increases Loudness & Mid Low Frequencies.

Performer Pad

Wambooka Performer Pad is the only adjustable drum gel in the world, due to its super stickiness: – you can easy tune your drum head – you can adjust and customize the damping effect – you can stick it on the resonant head – you can stick it on the cymbals – you can stick accessories on your snare – washing it you totally restore its original stickiness.