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Guitar Picks
WOOD FINGERED PICK IT’S GREAT ON ACOUSTIC GUITAR Increases Loudness & Mid Low Frequencies – Songwriter Sound
€9,69 BUY NOW Furious Drummer CALIFORNIA SAND Single ply, 7 mil, white coated, gently pre-dampened with a focused built in damping system.. €247,49 BUY NOW Diamond Percussion WAMBOOKA DIAMOND Wambooka Diamond, Solid Shell. Italian design and traditional style. €18,49 BUY NOW SOMBRERO
Misure 13, 14 e 16 0.14MM – Instant fat sound on every snare and floor tom


Nativo Flat Pick – Black Horn

Wambooka Picks Black Horn flat pick, Increases Loudness & Mid Low Frequencies.

Nativo Fingered Pick – Nanto Wood

Wood fingered pick it's great on acoustic guitar

Nativo Picks Rare Stones – Red Jasper

Wambooka Rare Stones fingered pick, Increases Loudness & Mid Low Frequencies.