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Performer Pad Plus

5 Super Sticky Pads. The only adjustable drum gel in the world wih exclusive features:

– you can adjust the damping effect
– you can stick it on the resonant head
– you can stick it on the cymbals
– you can stick accessories on your snare
– washing it you totally restore its original stickiness.

The performer pad is made with cutting edge technology to ensure a second to none effect when used during drum recording.


Performer Pad Plus – The Adjustable Drum Gel – 5 Double Pads


WAMBOOKA – The queen of Darbuka

New indestructible material, More weight, and a Special edition of Power Beat head.

The Darbuka is a very popular hand drum with its origins in Turkey that has won praise for delivering both a quality sound and a pleasurable experience for the drummer playing it. But what if this traditional instrument could be combined with the latest in modern drum making?


Nativo Natural Fat Sound Picks

Nativo picks are made in natural material like cocontu, wood and horn. Our picks have the special butterfly blade shape that guarantee faster louder and controlled picking.


Wambooka Guitar Stuff

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