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2. Vintage Sand

11,6943,67 Single ply, 10 mil, white coated, dry sound, pre setted for studio and live performance. This pre-dampened head offers a total control of the overtones for a dry stroke and depth note. You can obtain any sound from this head made for of all music styles. The Vintage Sand is extremely responsive and will give you a huge range of tuning options. These drumheads are also great on toms and kick drums for a full and open sound with a subtle attack that blends well with other instruments, perfect for rock and acoustic pop, with a fat sound, focused on mid and low tones with bright and fast attack. Available in sizes 8” - 24”


Wambooka - Paso Doble Circular Damping System Built In - Smells Like Nirvana ;)  

6. Tattoo Skin

Single ply of 10 mil, with a special fiber coating laminated to the top designed to have the look, sound, and feel of goat skin, which gives a nice boost to the midrange and low-end frequencies. The result is a responsive drumhead with good sustain, full and warm sound. This drum head has a good sustain, with overtones reduced thanks to the fiber coating. Excellent for light and moderate playing with both stick and brushes, it performs well both live and in the studio. Available in sizes 8” - 22”

9. Clear RESONANT 7mil


Clear drumhead features an open, bright and resonant sounds with plenty of attack, gently pre-dampened. Constructed with 1-ply 7-mil Clear film, Clear 7 drumheads are used as batter heads and are the industry standard resonant drumheads. It’s responsive, resonant and manteins a limited rate of overtones. Available in sizes 10" - 24"


Hammer Tone

Single ply, 10 mil, clear, strongly damped, super dry, fat sound due to the double layer. It’s a strongly pre-dampened designed to filter out overtones and accentuate mid to low frequencies, has a well controlled sustain with extra long durability. It’s the designed for hard playing with any kind of sticks. Available in sizes 8” - 22”