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1. California Sand

Single ply, 7 mil, white coated, gently pre-dampened with a focused built in damping system. It’s responsive, resonant and mantein a limited rate of overtones. Due to the white coated and to the high quality Mylar has a warm, open tones with bright attack and controlled sustain. It’s perfect to be played with brush for jazz, swing rock and pop. Available in sizes 8” - 24”.

2. Vintage Sand

11,6943,67 ply, 10 mil, white coated, dry sound, pre setted for studio and live performance. This pre-dampened head offers a total control of the overtones for a dry stroke and depth note. You can obtain any sound from this head made for of all music styles. The Vintage Sand is extremely responsive and will give you a huge range of tuning options. These drumheads are also great on toms and kick drums for a full and open sound with a subtle attack that blends well with other instruments, perfect for rock and acoustic pop, with a fat sound, focused on mid and low tones with bright and fast attack. Available in sizes 8” - 24”


Wambooka - Paso Doble Circular Damping System Built In - Smells Like Nirvana ;) 

9. Clear RESONANT 7mil


Clear drumhead features an open, bright and resonant sounds with plenty of attack, gently pre-dampened. Constructed with 1-ply 7-mil Clear film, Clear 7 drumheads are used as batter heads and are the industry standard resonant drumheads. It’s responsive, resonant and manteins a limited rate of overtones. Available in sizes 10" - 24"

Double Cheese

Two ply, 14 mil, clear, No Bubbles™ Sealing Technology. Strongly damped, fat sound due to the double layer. It’s a pre-dampened and easy tuning head designed to filter out overtones and accentuate mid to low frequencies, has a well controlled sustain with extra long durability. It’s the designed for hard playing with any kind of sticks. Designed for classic rock and roll style. Available in sizes 8” - 22”