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Nativo picks are made in natural material like cocontu, wood and horn. Our picks have the special butterfly blade shape that guarantee faster louder and controlled picking.


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Nativo Coconut Fat Sound Pick



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New indestructible material, More weight, and a Special edition of Power Beat head. The Darbuka is a very popular hand drum with its origins in Turkey that has won praise for delivering both a quality sound and a pleasurable experience for the drummer playing it. But what if this traditional instrument could be combined with the latest in modern drum making? That's exactly what WAMBOOKA have done with remarkable results, recently announcing the release of the Wambooka Diamond Hand Drum, a clear polycarbonate drum shaped like a Darbuka. Formed of one piece of polycarbonate, it is both stunning to hear and see, with the drummer having the option to add water for an even more unique sound. The Wambooka Diamond is the first drum in the world that can be professionally played with water inside to deliver its special rhythmic hypnotic sound.


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5 Super Sticky Pads. The only adjustable drum gel in the world.The Wamboka Performer Pad is the best drum gel available in the market today and is loved by drummers and percussionists all over the world because of its unwavering quality and its immaculate results. The performer pad is made with cutting edge technology to ensure a second to none effect when used during drum recording. When making use of the performer pad, the following is guaranteed:- Damping of drum resonances in the most effective way ever, better than any other product or competitor in the market today.- Perfect stickiness on the kick (for a punch effect) or on the resonant skin which no other pad in the market allows.- Stickiness on any accessory like mini cymbal, on percussions or on drums.- In the waffle pad, there are “damping chambers”, squared holes that block the sound and avoid resonances in the most effective way.- A sticky formula which is new and unique made with a patented technology.


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The kick damper is the unique drum gel available in the market for bass drums because of its uniqueness in improving the sounds of the bass drum. It provides the drummer with the needed comfort while drumming thereby making drumming very much enjoyable. It is well known for the kind of quality and maximum impact it gives to the natural sound of the bass drum while drumming. In all, the kick damper is made with unique features that will definitely guarantee maximum productivity. The following should be expected of the kick damper:- The kick damper is super sticky, stays fixed on the bass drum, on the batter and on the resonant head, it gives the drummer the needed comfort and assured confidence while drumming.- It optimizes the frequency ratio thereby enhancing the low frequency from low.- With the kick damper, drummers no longer have to stuff garbage and strange stuffs inside the bass drum to enhance the sound, because the kick damper solves that problem bringing the necessary needed stability in the drum and the rich sounds that stuffed garbage do not offer.





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